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Website Care Plan

You Have A Beautiful Website That Is Up And Running...

So What Next?

Website Maintenance!

Having a website is one thing, but maintaining the website is essential for its security, functionality, and effectiveness. 

So, here’s the thing: As a business owner, we create beautiful websites that centre around the needs of our prospects. Which is good…

But the bad thing is that your website might go down, be hacked, show questionable content, or expose the private information of your website visitors online. And trust me, you don’t want that.

So, much like a new generator, they require 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

We say this not to frighten you, but to remind you of the dangers and realities of conducting business online.

That Being Said...

Having a strong website care strategy in place will protect you against risks that would otherwise harm your site and have a negative impact on user experience.

Consider it as an additional layer of protection for your website, a kind of corporate bodyguard. The strong, silent, and extremely attractive type who will protect and carry you through any storm. 

So that’s it.

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