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The Newest Way Every Business Is Generating Leads and Achieving Great Results Across Various Channels and Platforms!

The world is fast evolving. Keeping up with new sales strategies is difficult. Sometimes ago, generating tangible leads and sales for a business can be easily done with cold calls but that approach will woefully fail in this current age.

However, social selling is the new norm of effective leads generation and business awareness.

Social selling has become the modern way of finding and interacting with prospects. It has been proven to boost the company’s revenue by 16% as a great number of the world’s population have at least one social media profile and visit their profiles to spend luxuries of the time.

Wondering if you should consider social selling? Here are the benefits:

What You Should Know

  • In 2019, there are approximately 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide
  • 89% of top-ranking professionals use social networking platforms
  • Compared to traditional selling methods, sales representatives who use social selling see a 31% higher ROI
  • 33% of users prefer to connect with brands using social media.
  • It is a “pay-to-play” environment requiring your resources.

What Makes You Stand Out?

If you must get it right, you should do it right!

A percentage of those who engage social media for their business do not get their desired yield due to many reasons ranging from lack of quality content to disordered engagements and lots more.

There are several factors to consider, understand and implement to succeed across the various social media channels.

Don’t join that unfavorable percentage struggling with social selling; What singles you out and ensure your yield with social selling is SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT and that’s what we offer at TECHGISM

Why you should Choose Us and not do it yourself?

We are equipped with the right expertise and strategies to help your business grow, increase your brand awareness, generate leads so you can experience a massive flow in sales.

With our social media retargeting and multi messaging program, creating a 24/7 lead generation communication strategy is achievable

Are you looking for a way to stay in touch with old and potential clients without having to rely on emails?

It's simple, and you can do it with our social selling and lead generation service.
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Enjoy Our “Do less and See more” Offer in the following Ways
  • Profile Building: With just some basic info on what you do we’ll create a unique content-based profile for your business
  • Receive Your Updates: Using our professional writer in the UK and Nigeria, it is certain that we’ll create and send amazing social media content for your business every week
  • Review and Schedule: Review the contents and we’ll post them on your social platforms for you.
  • Promote Your Business on Social Media: We’ll take care of your social media accounts and generate more leads for you.
    We will help you to develop your social selling cycle using an account-based marketing structure.
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