Social Commerce

What is social commerce?

Social commerce is the ability to make a product purchase from a third-party company within the native social media experience. For example, you can browse and compare products on Facebook, and then make the purchase on Facebook itself instead of going to the company site to make the purchase

Type of social commerce to use

There are seven different types of social commerce are as follows – user-review websites, group buying, and daily deals, social network-driven sales, participatory commerce, picklist sites, platforms for peer-to-peer sales, and of course social shopping.

On Facebook social commerce is big and available in all the countries and most brands use it to sell their products to customers, social commerce is only available in 70 countries on Instagram With social commerce, the entire shopping experience — from product discovery and research to the check out process — takes place right on a social media platform. Currently, social apps that allow for social commerce include Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Why is social commerce important?

Social commerce encourages people to connect with a business through two-way communication. This allows customers to not only engage with your business, but it also gives them the opportunity to use social media as an efficient customer service channel where it possible to solve problems.
With a Facebook store, you can…

Social commerce vs. E-commerce

  • E-commerce refers to a shopping experience via a website or dedicated branded app. 
  • Social commerce, by definition, allowing the customer to make their purchase within their social media experience. Social commerce is not e-commerce.
    Social commerce is also not social selling. Social selling refers to cultivating relationships on social media in order to build your sales prospect list.
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