“Selling to just one geographic region can impact you in many ways. Seasonality, the volatile exchange rate, economy, new regulatory restrictions, etc. of a country can also have an impact of your business if you only sell to one country. Catering to multiple countries can help you even out cash flow year round and make your business more resilient to economic, political, and seasonal bumps.”

Most business owners think digital marketing is all about posting on social media. 

Hmm! Digital marketing is way more than that; social media is just an aspect of it. There are lots of digital marketing services that can help your business achieve extraordinary growth. With digital marketing, your business can expand into new areas, hire new team members, and grow above your competitors.

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“Over-developed websites are slow to load. This directly impacts conversion rates. No matter how cute the treatment, if your home page requires a “Loading” message, you’re probably in trouble.”
Brian Massey