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Everyone but you!

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Because of the discovery of the internet, most companies are building an online presence. 

Some businesses already have their services online and solely depend on the traffic generated online to scale their business massively

A critical thing that most online businesses have to bear in mind to protect their brand’s future is their online recognition. It enables brands or businesses to attract their target audience and retain customers.

And the reason why people are crazy about having an online reputation is that four in five consumers search for local businesses online which is a great advantage for you to also milk from the internet

However, research reveals that 73% of consumers lose trust in a business after finding incorrect information about the business. 

That’s not all; a 2017 study found that up to 40% of information about brands’ location online is wrong! Why is there so much incorrect information? 

Simple! Because there is no permanent record of your business location data online.

This is a BIG problem that we can help you solve.

We help businesses like yours take control of their digital presence and monitor what people are saying about them. 

We achieve this by using innovative technology to eliminate any costly Google and Online Business Data Errors and incorporate client reviews to boost your organic SEO. 

At the same time, we leverage your social media presence to grow your online reputation by enhancing your online information, keeping your digital presence fresh with real-time updates, and tracking the performance of your listings, posting, and updated content.

Why Choose Techgism?

This is guaranteed!!

Business owners and brands who have tried us have been able to boost their online awareness level while others are there still struggling to catch up

Choose Techgism today to help you

Monitor and improve your online reputations using experienced professionals by providing budget-friendly services to give you the best results which is the only reason why our customers come back after a first trial because we provide real results. 

We don’t use sketchy techniques to improve your reputation; we use real techniques. 

It might take some time and patience now, but you will definitely get real results that last.

Online reputation management plays an important role for every business. 

It helps brands monitor everyday user responses regarding their business to make the necessary changes. 

The business’s site doesn’t really matter; small or large enterprises need a positive reputation to stay afloat and if you allow Techgism to handle it for you the possibilities of what you will achieve are endless.

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